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Home And Commercial Security System

Your life & assets are safe & secure

  • The most reliable and advanced wireless security alarm system in pakistan ,Hi-tech sensors & detectors to sense any unwanted and unexpected movement.
    24/7 control room and assistance.
    Free site survey with a professional advice and consultancy. Neat & Clean installation without damaging the walls and house decor. Installation and fitting by technically trained staff.
    Services available in all cities of pakistan.
  • Homes & Apartments.
  • Offices, Banks & Schools.
  • Shops, Markets & Departmental Stores.
  • Warehouse & Storage.
  • Godowns:
    •      FMCG.
    •      Beverages.
    •      Chemicals.
    •      Textiles.
    •      Food Items.
    •      Machinery & Electric Appliances.

System Features
WiFi + GSM + SMS.
Wireless system. No damage to walls and decor of the property during installation.
24/7 control room and assistance.
Mobile Application to control the security system from anywhere anytime.
Real time alerts in case of intrusion, with zone identification, anywhere you are.
Facility to name and re-name the zones.
Live feed on smart phone through IP/WiFi camera app *.
Arm & dis-arm through remote with personal code.
Partly arme and dis-arm facility.
Panic alarm and loud siren.
Fire alert through smoke and heat detectors.
System main bettery low voltage alert.

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