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Your Fleet is Under Control

  • Watch, Track and Monitor the fleet of any size from anywhere anytime.
    Web Portal (dash board solution).
    Reduce cost & inefficiencies throughout your fleet & maximize the productivity with a comprehensive dashboard containg numerous general and customize reports.
Key Benefits:
  • Fleet Security.
  • Improved Control.
  • Pilferage Control.
  • Increased Driver Performance & Productivity..
  • Reduction In Costs & In-efficiencies.
  • Reduction In Maintenance & Fuel Costs.
  • Reduction In Freight Cost..
  • Company & Staff Vehicles.
  • Distribution Vehicles.
  • Cold Chain Supply Vehicles.
  • Rescue & Patrolling Vehicles.
System Features
GPS/GSM/GPRS Connectivety Tow Alert
24/7 Nation Wide Tracking & Monitoring Late Night Ignition-On Alert
24/7 Helpline Assistance Anti Jammer
Snatching & theft Recovery Assistance Ignition On/Off Alert
Mobile App Web Alert
Seat Belt Alert Fuel Lid Alert
Panic Button Park Alert Via SMS
Location On Call & Via SMS (text Loc to 9213) Weekly/Monthly Mileage report Via SMS
Door Unlock Facility. Temperature Sensor
Geo Fence/City Exit Alert Fuel Consumption Report
Speed Violation Tracking Harsh Breaking Tracking
Data Integration with 3rd Party

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