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Equipment And Machinery

You can access all of the information about your vehicles such as real-time location, speed and violation and you can also track the animated vehicle movements for a period determined by you on the map.
Whether you have one or a thousand vehicle, you can access summary status information about all your vehicles at a glance thanks to the Mobiliz control panel. .
The system has a very rich reporting menu. There are almost 100 different report types such as Fleet Usage Report which provides summary fleet information or Vehicle Activity Detail Report which gives detailed information about all movements of the vehicles.

System Feature
GPS/GSM/GPRS Connectivety Tow Alert
24/7 Nation Wide Tracking & Monitoring Late Night Ignition-On Alert
24/7 Helpline Assistance Anti Jammer
Snatching & theft Recovery Assistance Ignition On/Off Alert
Mobile App Web Alert
Seat Belt Alert Fuel Lid Alert
Panic Button Park Alert Via SMS
Location On Call & Via SMS (text Loc to 9213) Weekly/Monthly Mileage report Via SMS
Door Unlock Facility. Temperature Sensor
Geo Fence/City Exit Alert Fuel Consumption Report
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