Star Home Technology

StarHome is a comprehensive security system equally effective for home & commercial monitoring. Unlike passive alarms, StarHome is equipped with a built-in communicator, enabling it to establish multiple layers of protection against intruders. The system primarily acts as a deterrent, monitoring the propertys surroundings & triggering a warning alarm if it detects any trespassers.

The system intelligently switches to a more proactive role in case of an attempted break-in, activating not only the alarm, but also relaying a call for outside help. The system consists of sensors to detect intrusion and a programmable Control Panel to communicate with Star Technologies Monitoring Station. If an alarm is triggered, the monitoring station immediately dispatches a Mobile Response Force to the scene and alerts the police & other concerned authorities for follow-up.

Our dedicated Mobile Response Force are trained units of armed guards equipped with a well maintained vehicle with wireless link to the monitoring station. Each unit consists of a Response Force Commander and two guards with an ability to use weapons defensively. The Response Force arrives at the scene within minutes and takes appropriate measures to swiftly and responsibly handle any crises. In case of a hostage situation, the Mobile Response Force, along with Police backup, makes informed decisions, ensuring the safety and protection of life and property at all times.

To communicate with the monitoring station, security systems offered by other companies use PTCL landlines, which are susceptible to tampering and breakdowns. At a much lower price, StarHome is the only security product which uses both the PTCL landlines and its proprietary wireless network for added reliability.

Tariff Plan

All packages for home security services.

Package Description
Basic Basic Package with basic product features
Premium Basic Package + Wireless Redundancy
Basic Wireless Front-End
Premium Wireless Front-End

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