FAQs about Star Home Technology

List of Questions

Call 111-111-212 and get in touch with our home security staff to set-up an appointment for a FREE survey of your house. This enables us to suggest a tailor made solution according to your homes needs.
Costs vary for the basic or premium, wired or wireless packages you want installed. Any add-ons can be installed, for nominal charges.
We provide our customers with the option of wireless front-end, wireless back-end or both.Wireless front-end is simply the components and equipment that we install without wires, so as to keep the aesthetics of your home intact. Wireless back-end is the method by which the alarm signals can be transmitted to our control room in case telephone lines go down.
Most of the components in the Basic package will serve your needs. However, the final decision would be dependent on the recommendations of our trained Home Security staff after they survey the premises as well as other add-ons you might wish to install.
Yes you can. We offer a security system for any building you would like to secure.
If you want ownership of the equipment, there will be a down payment and monthly monitoring fee. If you require rental only, there will only be a minimal monthly monitoring fee.
Yes the wireless package allows for alternative communication in case of landline problem.
Yes, there is a back up battery that will ensure that your system is efficiently running during blackouts and will not be damaged when there is a fluctuation.
Yes, in case of an emergency, we will inform the police and the relevant hospital or fire station that you designate

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