The transceiver is a satellite communication terminal mounted on the vehicle. It integrates a GPS receiver and an omnidirectional antenna, enclosed in a rugged and environmentally sealed housing. The GPS receiver uses low orbit sun-synchronous satellites to pinpoints the vehicles location and transmits its identification, speed, date, time and performance data to the Monitoring Station. These transceivers support global 2-way communication enabling the system to send and receive messages to and from any mobile or fixed asset whether its on land, at sea or in the air. Businesses can acquire useful information from assets such as a truck, trailer, train, boat, buoy, an oil well head, a valve, a propane tank etc and even control them remotely.

Satellite Constellation


The transceivers use Inmarsats satellite constellation to provide bi-directional communication between your assets and Star Technologies monitoring station. Inmarsat is the worlds leading satellite constellation with standardized voice and data services approved around the world.

The Inmarsat Satellite constellation uses five third generation satellites located in geo-synchronous stationary orbit, 35,786 km out in space, backed by four additional second-generation satellites. Each satellite covers up to one third of the Earth's surface and is strategically positioned above one of the four ocean regions to form a continuous world wide web in the sky. Together this constellation of geosynchronous satellites covers about 98% of the land mass area providing global coverage. Submission and retrieval of messages to and from Inmarsat transceivers is via a secure SSL Internet connection from a Star Technologies server. With StarWorld, your service is always on, always available, anywhere and everywhere.

Terrestrial Communication Network


Star Technologies operates a terrestrial communication network that leverages the seamless coverage of the I arsat satellite constellation with the global reach of the Internet to communicate with Star Technologies transceivers directly from your desktop or server based applications.

Monitoring Station


Star Technologies 24 hour active monitoring station oversees the entire asset tracking process. The monitoring station receives constant updates from the vehicle which enables it to display its position on a digitized roadmap of the area. This data is uploaded on our secure server to derive useful statistical information about the vehicle. Fleet operators can access this information from their desktop or server based application, at all times.