Custom Solutions

Star Technologies has two years experience working with technology solutions and extensive R&D catering to communication & monitoring issues.

We have the expertise to develop customized software solutions for all industries and applications by leveraging the various forms of communication networks like RF, Cellular, and Satellite, that are available exclusively for providing security and asset monitoring solutions. The company offers a list of custom made products & solutions developed as per clients specific requirements.


The Radio Frequency Identification technology deals with the remote collection of information stored on a tag using radio frequency communications. An RFID system consists of a tag and a reader. Depending on its application, the tag can be produced as a card, ticket or a label. Built within the tag is a transponder, a device which, when interrogated, transmits information/data stored within the tag. The data written to and read from the tag can range from as little as an identification number to kilo-bytes of dynamic information such as temperature histories. The information is queried through a reader, typically a hand-held device with an alpha-numeric display or a host computer which automatically manages the information.

Suggested Applications

Record Keeping

Inventory Management

Containers carrying specific goods can be tagged to follow their route, enable wireless identification of products and driver identification

Securing consumer products at the point-of-sale from pilferage and theft

Vehicle tagging for identification

Star UNI Finger

StarUniFinger provides a complete biometrics based fingerprint solution by incorporating sensor control and fingerprint recognition algorithms into an embedded module. The embedded module is half the size of a business card. In addition to an extremely small size, the module low power consumption makes it ideal in a wide range of applications from battery operated mobile equipments to network based security systems.

Suggested Applications

Attendance monitoring

Human Resource Management

Payroll Support

Star Telemetry

Telemetry is remote meter/data reading via different communication networks. Again, using our terrestrial and satellite networks, we can acquire data from remote locations.

Suggested Applications

Gather and report information regarding any measurable parameter, e.g remote meter reading for utilities etc.

Enable real-time global monitoring, tracking and messaging

Traffic signal monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring

Fixed-site remote assets can be monitored and controlled using our satellite-based network. Regular reports about the status and performance of the remote asset can be sent direct to your desktop, with two-way communication enabling control commands to be transmitted. Star Technologies has designed a state of the art wireless solution for Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited SNGPL to protect theft of gas by large industrial consumers. By designing a need specific solution, Star Technologies provides SNGPL with tamperproof security for its large commercial installations.

Suggested Applications

Establish centralized control for managing multiple assets, maximizing efficiency & minimizing site visits

Monitor water levels and flow rates, and control sluice gates, in flood warning and control systems

Manage environmental water quality, by monitoring reservoirs and industrial waste outfalls

Monitor the performance of nodding-donkey oil pumps without time-consuming field trips


Our global satellite-based network offers facilities for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition applications. A variety of sensors can be connected to our compact terminal at a remote site, enabling data to be gathered and processed, to deliver status and operational information.

Suggested Applications

Monitoring a host of parameters such as pressure, temperature, level and flow, with the two-way link offering remote control capability.

Using StarSCADA applications, data from remote and inaccessible locations can be received at extremely reasonable costs

Star CAT

StarCAT Cathodic Monitoring Protection is an end-to-end service solution for the remote monitoring of valuable anti-corrosion systems for oil and gas pipelines. It is based on a tried and tested integrated system of remote sensing equipment, web-based application software and satellite communications. StarCAT measures the operation and effectiveness of the remote Cathodic Protection System, transmitting data and alarm-condition reports to a central monitoring and control site. Constant monitoring of the systems operation and effectiveness via StarCAT can significantly enhance physical inspection without the cost of additional personnel. With the tightening of environmental protection regulations due to concerns over the failure of aging pipelines and because of vandalism and terrorist activities, StarCAT is integral for meeting mandates of constant monitoring of pipeline operation.

Suggested Applications

Monitor, maintain and inspect equipment.

Regulatory environmental impact and security compliance

Central Monitoring Centre for Police

For surveillance and monitoring needs, the police, with our technology, can now place cameras and control their movement from either the control room or else view neighbourhood cameras from mobile police vans in real-time or lag time. Star Technologies can comprehensively cover Police requirements.

Suggested Applications

24/7 customer support facilities.

Premium high resolution cameras.

Cameras with embedded image software giving 140-degree panoramic view.

Connectivity with spread spectrum wireless technology.

Police vehicles with close-by camera monitoring capabilities.

Viewing capabilities on the dashboard of designated police mobiles to monitor cameras in the area.

Connectivity with spread spectrum wireless technology.