About Star Technologies

About us

Star Technologies, a brand of Amtech Int. (Pvt.) Ltd. was formed in 2001 and commenced operations in early 2002, establishing its headquarters in Lahore and a regional office in Karachi. The company offers a diverse range of communication based products and solutions for global asset tracking, security and monitoring applications.

For the purpose, Amtech has secured various licences from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Government of Pakistan to operate its systems throughout the country.

Star Technologies is a well funded company with a strong financial track record. By mid 2005, the company was protecting over Rs. 15 billion in assets including 20,000 vehicles, for both individual and a myriad of corporate clients. Backed by a committed board of directors, venture capital investors and key players in the industry, Star Technologies is well positioned to capitalize on its market opportunities.


Star Technologies current strength is 300 dedicated personnel, growing exponentially with the volume of business.

The Sponsoring Directors of Amtech have over 60 years of local as well as foreign business experience and extensive stakes in the financial, textile, construction and engineering sectors. With graduates of Harvard, Yale and Wharton overseeing the management of the company and a dynamic team of qualified individuals, engineers, managers and ex armed force personnel who are distinguished and experts in their respective fields, Star Technologies has a winning combination.

The Star Network

The StarNetwork leverages telecommunication, wireless, cellular and satellite networks with the global reach of the internet to provide seamless communication right to your desktop. StarNetwork is 100% secure, foolproof and duplicated to allow for unforeseen eventualities. Star Technologies is also the only company in Pakistan with its own dedicated wireless communication network for security and tracking services. Our proprietary 100% self-reliant communication network ensures uninterrupted service without depending on secondary carriers and utility providers for mission-critical services.

The products & solutions offered by Star Technologies transmit & receive information in the form of voice, SMS or data to perform required functions. Depending on the products application, this communication occurs through either telecommunication, wireless, cellular or satellite networks. These communication networks are starkly different in function, each with its own unique capabilities. Star Technologies has customization capabilities to match the best-suited communication channel for a specific application.

To provide peace of mind and improved efficiency for the retail and corporate market by offering technology sophisticated asset monitoring and security solutions at an affordable price.

Mission Statement